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The Center for Neuro Health Brain Training Research is an academic research consultancy institution that provides scientific data and content support to individuals and companies. For all sorts of situations in your business and private life in which you need information about the brain, we are by your side with our content supported by scientific knowledge and experience.

The Center for Neuro Health Brain Training Research is an information production center that follows research in the field of neuroscience, and features academics, physicians, clinical and experimental psychologists from various fields, and it also interacts with all other scientific fields. Our basic aim is to convey brain related information from scientific



Medical Specialist Dr. Kerem Dundar completed his medical education at the Gülhane Training and Research Hospital, and following his graduation, he worked in various health institutions as an academic, manager, trainer, and physician. As he conducted his doctoral brain research work at Gülhane’s Department of Biophysics, he was involved in experimental as well as clinical research in psychiatry, neurology, psychology, and behavioral sciences using electrophysiological and stereotaxic surgical methods.