The Center for Neuro Health Brain Training Research is an academic research consultancy institution that provides scientific data and content support to individuals and companies. For all sorts of situations in your business and private life in which you need information about the brain, we are by your side with our content supported by scientific knowledge and experience.

The Center for Neuro Health Brain Training Research is an information production center that follows research in the field of neuroscience, and features academics, physicians, clinical and experimental psychologists from various fields, and it also interacts with all other scientific fields. Our basic aim is to convey brain related information from scientific literature using a comprehensible and practical language to those who cannot access this information directly but want to be aware of the innovations in this field, and who want to use this knowledge in their personal or professional lives. Today, in many companies, educational institutions, academia, and non-governmental organizations of various scales, projects, collaborations, and field studies are carried out with this content. Our business model is based on the power of data, and it brings together the knowledge gleaned from scientific literature with the realities of the field, and we meticulously evaluate the results to support long-term initiatives before presenting it all to the end user. The Center for Neuro Health Brain Training Research is currently continuing its operations in three basic areas: the world of business, the field of education, and parents. Our founder Specialist Doctor Kerem Dündar has conducted brain-based work with many companies in Turkey in various sectors, and he has developed the concept of “brain-friendly company” by combining scientific knowledge and experience.

In the world of education, the journey that started with the training of teachers for the efficient use of their brain has expanded into parent training, and this has eventually evolved into the most comprehensive curriculum in this field in Turkey. In order to increase the interaction between the parent and the child, and to cover the gap between the parent brain and the child brain, a knowledge base has been created and supported with many practical workshops. Cooperation with many different institutions on this matter is continuing, and an effort is made to work with the trainers and institutions who are the best in their fields.

Many of the skills that involve life in general are still treated like matters of personal development and in their present form, these do not lend themselves to implementation. Yet, the experts at The Center for Neuro Health Brain Training Research have developed the concept of shaping these skills in the light of scientific knowledge related to the basic operation of the brain. This concept involves subject headings such as grasping life in general, locating the equivalents of mental problems in life, ensuring that young people are prepared for the business word, and better management of generational differences in society. In order to keep the content up to date and efficient, mutual projects are being conducted with experts of the field, various non-governmental organizations, companies, and universities.

Our institution participates in many projects both as a supporter and a collaborator for technology, artificial intelligence, new business concepts, creative idea generation platforms, and as a new generation information database it reveals every aspect of its vision for the future.